In GOAL we are stimulating healthy behavior through gaming, targeting an elderly user group, but eventually building a platform that is attractive for all types of users. In short we are combining gaming and motivational aspects. In this part we will address the questions: what is the right game for each individual user? and what is the right motivation strategy for each user?

Welcome and introduction
General introduction of the GOAL Platform“, Aristodemos Pnevamatikakis, AIT

Motivational Strategies in Games for Health
Classifying individual gamer types and determining game preferences“, Frederiek de Vette, RRD
Matching motivation strategies with user motivation profiles“, Marijke Broekhuis, RRD

Gamification in Healthcare
The need for gamification in Healthcare“, Jeff van den Biggelaar, LIVIO
Gamification and its benefit on physical fitness and health“, Roselien Buys, KU Leuven
GOAL Technology – A developer’s perspective“, Andrew Pomazankyi, NUROGAMES

Engaging users and developers”, Sofoklis Kyriazakos, Aarhus University

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